How to Make a Chocolate Praline Espresso Martini

How to Make a Chocolate Praline Espresso Martini

 Indulging in a cocktail should be an experience, not just a drink. If you're a fan of rich, velvety chocolate, the sweet crunch of pralines, and the invigorating kick of espresso, then the Après Hours Chocolate Praline Espresso Martini is tailor-made for you. The Après Hours Chocolate Praline Fall Espresso Martini is the epitome of autumn indulgence, capturing the warmth and comfort of the season in a glass. This cocktail embodies the essence of fall and is sure to become your new favorite this season.

Apres Hours Espresso Martini Chocolate


  • 3 oz Classic Après Hours
  • .75 Dorda Chocolate Liqueur
  • .5 Baileys Irish Cream
  • .25 dem syrup
  • Serve in a coupe
  • Top with salted praline sweet cream and cocoa powder

Praline Sweet Cream:

  • Vanilla Salt Foam
  • 200 ml of heavy cream
  • 1 tsp of salt
  • 1 tbsp of sugar
  • 15 ml vanilla extract


Après Hours Chocolate Praline Espresso Martini:

  • Grab your cocktail shaker and fill with
  • .75 oz Dorda Chocolate Liqueur,
  • .5 oz Baileys Irish Cream,
  • .25 oz Dem Syrup
  • 3 oz Classic Après Hours
  • Fill your cocktail shaker with ice and shake shake shake!
  • Strain into a chilled coupe
  • Top with Praline Sweet Cream
  • Cheers!

    How to Praline Sweet Cream Topping:

  • Combine vanilla salt foam, heavy cream, salt, sugar, and vanilla extract into shaker
  • Place in fridge until needed for an Après Hours Espresso Martini

    alexis smith and nicole craven après hours

    The Chocolate Praline Espresso Martini is a delightful and sophisticated cocktail that combines the best of sweet and bitter flavors. Whether you're hosting a cozy gathering with friends or simply looking for a delightful way to unwind on a chilly evening, this cocktail will make your fall moments all the more special. Raise your glass and toast to the magic of fall with this luscious and seasonally-inspired cocktail!

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