The Espresso Martini is Back!

The Espresso Martini is Back!

We all know the feeling. You've wrapped up a long day at work and you're ready to let loose. But before you can truly relax, you need that perfect pick-me-up. Something to take the edge off and get you ready for a night of fun. That's where the espresso martini comes in.

AND it's official: the espresso martini is back. This iconic cocktail first gained popularity in the 1980s, and now it's enjoying a resurgence. While the classic espresso martini is made with vodka, and espresso, the new generation of espresso martinis are made with tequila, and espresso. It gives the entire cocktail a smoother and rounder flavor.

Apres Hours Canned Espresso Martini

Après Hours canned espresso martini is available in three gluten-free and dairy-free flavors — Salted Caramel, Classic, and Vanilla. Each 12-ounce can is 10% alc/vol and contains 40 mg of Colombian caffeine, slightly less than a standard shot of espresso. Thanks to their portability and ease of preparation, Après Hours canned Espresso Martinis are quickly becoming the drink of choice for party-goers. Whether you're sipping one after a long day at work or enjoying an après-hours pick-me-up, there's a canned espresso martini to suit every taste.

If you're looking for a new alcoholic beverage to try, be sure to check out Après Hours canned Espresso Martini. You just might find yourself hooked on this delicious drink.

So raise a glass (or can) to the return of this classic cocktail.


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