Top 5 Espresso Martini's in Dallas

Top 5 Espresso Martini's in Dallas
Based on Après Hours' recent Instagram poll, we found Dallas loves their espresso martinis (but also, who doesn't?) and has a very strong opinion about where they sip. If you are looking for the best pick-me-up in Dallas, we highly recommend these restaurants:
1. Bowen House - Located in a historic home in the heart of Uptown, they serve chic cocktails and bites. Pro tip: switch out vodka for tequila in your Espresso Martini. 
2. Beverly's - This restaurant is a neighborhood bistro where you can stop in for dinner, brunch, a cocktail, coffee, or a combination of coffee and alcohol...also known as the beloved espresso martini. Pro tip: Beverly's Espresso Martini shots "Zappers" are just as delicious. 
3. The Charles - The Charles is a nightly eatery where Italian design and cuisine are interpreted through a Texas lens. One of our favorite places to sip on (espresso) martinis while indulging on the Spicy Creste Di Gallo pasta. Pro Tip: Sit in the Bar Charles for the full Espresso Martini experience.
4. Leela's Wine Bar - A neighborhood wine bar that serves up wines on tap, cocktails, & tapas. A perfect place to enjoy happy hour or a post-dinner espresso tini located on Lower Greenville. Pro Tip: ask the bartender to garnish your Espresso Martini with a little peppermint dust. 
5. Lounge 31 - A swanky vibe for light dining, espresso martinis, entertainment, and an overall elevated experience in Highland Park Village. Pro Tip: ask the waitress to add a sparkler to your order & thank us later. 

Our Dallas poll's other highly recommended places included MeridianToulouseUp On Knox, and Catbird.

Have a comment? Espresso yourself and let us know if we missed your favorite. Don't forget to keep us posted! Keep tagging us in your Espresso Martini ratings and tag @drinkapreshours


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